Gods Haven

Flight to Gods Haven

The campaign has begun.

The party met by chance at Testy’s Coach Inn, a small establishment along the coach road, an hour out of Gods Haven. Though they had each come there for their own reasons, unfolding events threw them together. While waiting at the bar, they noticed a far off noise, and a burning light on the horizon, where Bereem town was known to be. As they watched, they encountered a runaway coach, marked by several Goblin arrows, which they brought under control . Inside the coach, they met a injured body guard, and a Girl, clad in white, who didn’t talk. Bringing the Body guard (Fredrik) back to consciousness, he recommends a hasty retreat from the Goblin forces that had waylaid them, and were apparently advancing towards the Inn. However, before anything could be done, the assault struck. Aided by the Other patrons, and Testy the barman, the first Goblin incursion was seen off, though not before two patrons had died, and Cainin the Rogue had been badly injured.

Aiding the Injured Cainin and Fredrik, and protecting the unspeaking girl, the Inn patrons retreated out the back of the building, and into the hills, taking the long way back to Gods Haven. Following a small path, they found themselves in a Holy site, a great tree worshipped by followers of Aerin, the Goddess of Nature. Unfortunately, as Robyn tried to warn any nearby priests of the danger that the advancing goblins posed, she found that the goblins had already arrived before the party had, on monstrous spider mounts, and thus her shouting only made her the target of several arrows from goblins hidden in the tree above. A quick skirmish ensued, as the priests (hidden in a nearby burrow-like structure) came out to lend a hand to the party. Quickly dispatching their opponents, they were forced to continue running, as the forces pursuing from the Inn nearly caught up with them. A couple of well placed fire bombs, and a little magic trickery led the pursuers astray for long enough for the party to secure their escape.

Finally reaching the plain in front of Gods Haven, the party was forced to quickly move through an advancing tide of greenskins, including orcs, goblins, and spiders, in order to reach the safety of the fortified bridge into the town. The last of the pub patrons bit the dust, as the party emerged, battered but alive, from the morass of enemies. As they crossed into the town, they recognised the Goblin Commander, the same as led the assault on the pub, cackling at his forces.

Now, with the party in the saftey of Gods Haven, they’re recovering at the local Guards station. It’s now time to explore the city, and discover the aftermath of the Green Skins attacks in the area…



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