Gods Haven

Starting the Game

Hello all. As per the front page, we won’t be starting the game until at least the 14th, I’ll let you all know on sunday exactly what’s planned. In the mean time, we should look at getting all our characters sorted out. The important thing at this point is to choose a character and personality you like, and a class that best represents that. Don’t think too much about what you need to do at later levels, we’re starting small :) I’ve made changes to certain Feats and Skills that you should be aware of when setting your character up. If you’re unsure of anything, email me, and I’ll be on it. Also think about what your legacy item should be, and the sorts of things you want it to do, but don’t worry overly much about planning out the whole thing yourself, I’ll give you a hand with that.

Good luck getting your characters sorted.



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