Campaign House Rules

Rule changes:

Character Creation and Levelling Changes

  1. One roll, everyone gets the stats.
  2. Extra stat point EVERY level, but you can’t up the same stat more than once every three levels.
  3. A feat every two levels, though they can’t be too over the top.
  4. Skill tricks (from Complete Scoundrel) will be allowed for the most part for all characters, but I still need a closer look at them.
  5. Changes to Skills
  6. Changes to Feats
  7. Rolls of 1 for HPs can be rerolled.

Gameplay Changes

  1. Natural 20’s and 1’s are automatic Crits and Failures, without rolling to confirm. Other rolls crit as normal. They can also be story telling elements, at the whim of the DM.
  2. Inititive tests add your reflex save, not just your dex modifier.
  3. Taking Damage: 0 to -10 HP now counts as disabled (you can still make a single move/standard action, but may injure yourself further), while -11 to -20 is dying.
  4. Massive Damage rule: You suffer Massive Damage if you take more than 2x(character level)+(your constitution) in damage in a single hit. Roll for a Fortitude Save (DC=12 +1 per ten damage dealt). If this is failed, roll on the Massive Damage Table (held by the GM).
  5. If you get taken under -10 HP, you must roll on the Massive Damage Table.
  6. Using Potions and Oils is considered a Move Action, rather than a standard action. #

Possible new rules (still considering):

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Campaign House Rules

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