Legacy Items

Your Legacy item will be an item specific to you, which will join you and upgrade with you along your journey. You think of it, I’ll help you make it. While I’m trying to not put too much restriction on what you choose to do, I feel that a weapon or armour would be rather boring. I’m not going to tell you what is what, but I am encouraging items that help accentuate your character’s personality and abilites, and I feel the best way to do that is not just getting slightly better weapons or armour. Rather, think about practical items and keepsakes, and what they might mean to your character. A good example would be a thief’s lucky boots, which might change the way he moves (wall walk/water walk) or his luck, or something else. Or a Dwarven thane’s helm, which accentuates a dwarfs characteristics, making him even more immune to magical effects and mind control, makes him able to inspire others because of the royal blood which it demonstrates.

Basically, interesting stuff is what I’m looking for, named items that will come in handy often, which you won’t forget the name of.

How the items work

Your Item should have some in-built bonuses (like +x to something), and also have certain “per-day” uses. Your per-day abilities allow you to use a range of the items abilities up to once per character level. So if you were a lvl. 10 character, you’d be able to use the ability of your item 10 times per day. If your item has several abilities, the uses are cumulative, so you can use ability A 4 times and B 6 times and that’s your 10 times for the day, if you get my drift.

These are just guidelines though, so if you want to make things more different, then we can work on that too.

Items set so far:

Kurt – Eye of the Thief (choose a better name!), a magical-mechanical eye piece that helps (kurt’s character) see the world as it was meant to be seen. Bonuses to spot/search/appraise are obvious, low-light vision (upgrading to dark-vision later on, and mabye more), other effects will be added in as time goes by. Per day uses include being able to tell the difficulty of a particular baddie, red glow if he’s hard, blue if he’s easy, grey if you just can’t tell. ect.

Legacy Items

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