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In order to make your characters slightly more rounded, I’ll be changing up some of the skills. Instead of just combining skills together as I was planning earlier, to make it easier on everyone, we’ll just let you get bonus skill points in sets of skills. What I mean is that instead of having a Balance/Tumble skill, you’ll instead just use the same skill modifier for both. If you put 5 skill points into tumble, you get 5 free skill points in balance.

The combined skill sets are:
  • Bluff/Disguise/Forgery
  • Animal Handling/Riding
  • Climb / Swim / Jump
  • Gather Information / Diplomacy /Sense Motive / Intimidate
  • Sleight of Hand/Escape Artist
  • Use Rope/Disable Device
  • Balance/Tumble
Knowledge Skills are now:
  • Knowledge Arcana (Aracana/The plains/Spellcraft/Use Magical Device)
  • Knowledge Adventuring (nature/dungeoneering/monsters/Survival)
  • Knowledge Science (Architecture/Engineering/Geography/Appraise)
  • Knowledge Social (religion/Local/History/Nobility/Decipher Script)

Note that each includes a normal non-knowledge skill as well, just like other “combined” skills above. Decipher Script is gone. Rather, the most appropriate Knowledge skill will be used (Arcana for magical writing, science for engineering documents ect.)

Other Changes:
  • Heal will be getting a buff. I’ll be thinking about exactly how it’s going to work, but it will bridge the healing gap, between long-term recovery and magical healing.
  • Diplomacy:this variant rule will be used for making diplomacy checks.

If you think this is ok, too much or too little, or if you have some ideas about a better way to combine the skills, let me know :)

Changes to Skills

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